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About Mobile Fans

Mobile fans are versatile cooling devices with multiple uses. They come in different sizes and styles, including Portable HVLS Fan and bigger ones that can cool an entire room. The idea behind the cooling effect of these fans is air motion that promotes evaporation and heat transfer by conduction.

Mobile Fans from Wind Fan is a breakthrough in portable HVLS technology, designed to provide optimal comfort in a compact, on-the-go package. Engineered with cutting-edge features, these fans are the perfect solution for those who seek energy-efficient, quiet, and durable cooling solutions.

Mobile Fans are just one of our amazing products for industrial spaces. We also make HVLS Fans, Exhaust Fans, and Industrial Coolers to keep the environment of spaces of all sizes fresh and at an optimum temperature.

  • Using energy-efficient technology, our mobile fans are designed with long-term use in mind without any compromises on performance.

  • Get a breath of fresh air without noise. Our Mobile Fans are quiet to make you enjoy peaceful surroundings.

Our Benefits

  • Sturdiness: Mobile Fans have been made using sturdy materials capable of surviving the wear and tear of everyday life.

  • Portability: Portable designs allow you to stay cool wherever you are going with these fans.

  • Airflow Regulation: Put yourself at ease by adjusting the level of airflow that suits your needs.

  • Great Air Speeds: Mobile Fan provides high-speed wind despite their small size that will revitalise you.

  • Several Designs: Get stylish while picking your fan. Our tastes are varied, so we offer several designs to suit them all.

Mobile Fans – PMSM Tech

Model WFM-2M
Diameter 2 m
Blades rotational speed 245 (r/min)
Air flow 1000 (m³/h)
Noise ≤ 60 db
Import power (W) 0.55 Kw, 1 PH
Rated Voltage (V) 415
Weight 112 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Mobile Fans outdoors?

How do Mobile Fans contribute to energy efficiency?

Can I use Mobile Fans in different settings?

Definitely! With the ability to be used at various places, from home or work, and even outdoor events, our versatile Mobile Fans guarantee comfort wherever they are needed.

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