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Greenhouse & Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are devices that eliminate offensive smells, moisture, smog, and other contaminants in a room or building. They play a crucial role in keeping the air within a facility fresh. These fans operate by drawing air from inside the building to expel it outside, thus enhancing ventilation.

At Wind Fan, we offer a variety of wall-mounted exhaust fans that you can tailor to your unique needs. Exhaust fans are just one of our amazing products for industrial spaces. We also make HVLS fans, industrial coolers, and mobile fans to keep spaces of all sizes fresh and at an optimal temperature.

Our range of wall-mounted exhaust fans and greenhouse exhaust fans includes axial, centrifugal, and mixed-flow models for optimal ventilation. In addition to basic air circulation, heavy-duty exhaust fans are involved in extracting excess moisture from the air, removing unwanted smells, and improving the quality of the inside air.

Exhaust Fans are just one of our amazing products for industrial spaces. We also make HVLS Fans, Industrial Coolers, and Mobile Fans to keep the environment of spaces of all sizes fresh and at an optimum temperature.

  • Axial, centrifugal and mixed-flow models are included in our range for optimised ventilation purposes.

  • Apart from just air circulation basics, Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans are involved in extracting excess moisture from the air, removing undesired smells and enhancing the quality of the inside air.

The benefits of deploying Wind Fan exhaust fans are significant.

At Wind Fan, we offer more than just moving air. We actually solve problems. Our heavy-duty exhaust fans, as well as our greenhouse exhaust fans, offer unmatched advantages.

  • Release better indoor air quality, reduce dampness levels, and totally eliminate terrible smells.

  • Our exhaust fans are energy efficient, which makes them conducive to a healthier and more comfortable living space.

How does an exhaust fan work?

To replace hot or humid air, wall-mounted exhaust fans for industries powered by Wind Fan draw air from an industrial space, force it outside the area, and let fresh air in through a vent or doorway. An exhaust fan draws out the hot air, releasing it into the outdoors through a network of ducts. Industrial spaces like factories, warehouses, and recreational spaces like gyms and sports complexes tend to have higher humidity and steam levels; as a result, those spaces are ideal for installing these fans.

Typically, an exhaust fan may achieve an air change efficiency of 90% to 97%. Heat treatment facilities, casting plants, plastics plants, aluminum plants, electroplating plants, garment factories, and chemical plants all use our heavy-duty exhaust fans. In addition to these greenhouses, livestock farms make extensive use of our greenhouse exhaust fans.

Technical Specification

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Model WFE-900 WFE-1250
Diameter blades (mm) 900 1250
Blades rotational speed (r/min) 620 439
Air flow (m³/h) 30000 44000
Noise (decibels) ≤ 70 ≤ 70
Import power (W) 750 1100
Rated Voltage (V) 415 415
Height× Width× Thickness (mm× mm× mm) 1000x1000x400 1380x1380x400

Application of Exhaust Fans

Industries that use high temperatures include those dealing with textiles, glass, molding, rubber, coating, silk-screen printing, toys, electronics, household appliances, footwear, printing, food processing, dyeing, and laundry.

A variety of public spaces, including stores, supermarkets, mess halls, food markets, waiting rooms, recreation centers, and net bars, have air conditioning.

Our greenhouse exhaust fans support agriculture and horticulture in a wide variety of settings, including conventional and organic farms, ranches, and greenhouses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install exhaust fans?

What is required for the maintenance of Wind Fan’ products?

What characteristics make Exhaust Fans good for use in greenhouses?

Our Greenhouse Exhaust Fans are specifically crafted for greenhouse environments. They offer efficient moisture control, preventing mould and mildew. With robust construction, they withstand the demanding conditions of greenhouse settings, ensuring consistent and reliable ventilation.

What distinguishes heavy-duty industrial exhaust fans compared to standard exhaust fans?

For commercial or industrial spaces that are huge and require a lot of ventilation, a heavy-duty exhaust fan is a good investment. The motor is stronger, the blades are larger, and the whole structure is more robust than that of a standard exhaust fan. It is also capable of operating in extremely hot and humid conditions for extended periods of time.

Is it possible to use the heavy-duty industrial exhaust fan outside?

The Heavy Duty Industrial Exhaust Fan and Greenhouse Exhaust Fan can be used indoors and outdoors without issue. Its durability and ability to withstand the elements make it perfect for use in various industrial settings, like workshops, warehouses, and factories. Nevertheless, you should be very careful while installing the fan, and you should ground and weatherproof all electrical connections. We recommend regular checks and maintenance to ensure the fan operates smoothly and lasts as long as possible.

How should one service a heavy-duty industrial exhaust fan?

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life and maximizing the performance of your heavy-duty industrial exhaust fan. This process also includes checking for wear and tear on the belts and bearings, lubricating the moving parts as needed, and cleaning the housing and blades of any accumulations. To prevent more damage or decreased effectiveness, it is crucial to replace worn or damaged components promptly. A skilled technician should handle regular maintenance and repairs for optimal results.

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